Antonio Gramsci

Real Dialectic (1921)

3 minutes | English Italiano

Events are the real dialectic of history. They transcend all reasoning, all personal judgements, all simple and irresponsible wishful thinking. Events, with the unbreakable logic of their development, teach the working and peasant masses, who are conscious of their destiny, these… [read more]

Antonio Gramsci

An Address to Anarchists (1920)

13 minutes | English Italiano

Italian anarchists are very irritable because they are very conceited. Their longstanding conviction that they’re oracles of revealed revolutionary truth has become “monstrous” ever since the Socialist Party, through the influence of the Russian Revolution and Bolshevik… [read more]

Antonio Gramsci

The Communist Party (1920)

28 minutes | English

Since Sorel, it has become a cliché to refer to the primitive Christian communities in assessing the modern proletarian movement. It must be said at once that Sorel is in no way responsible for the small-mindedness and intellectual crudity of his Italian admirers, just as Karl… [read more]