J. V. Stalin

Stalin on Churchill (1946)

6 minutes | English | The Soviet Union

Mr. Churchill and his friends bear a striking resemblance to Hitler and his friends. Hitler began his work of unleashing war by proclaiming a race theory, declaring that only German-speaking people constituted a superior nation. Mr. Churchill sets out to unleash war with a race… [read more]

J. V. Stalin

Remarks to Yaroshenko (1952)

50 minutes | English | The Soviet Union

Some time ago the members of the Political Bureau of the C.C., C.P.S.U.(B.) received a letter from Comrade Yaroshenko, dated March 20, 1952, on a number of economic questions which were debated at the November discussion. The author of the letter complains that the basic… [read more]

V. I. Lenin

Civilized Barbarism (1913)

2 minutes | English | The Soviet Union

Britain and France are the most civilized countries in the world. London and Paris are the world’s capitals, with populations of six and three million, respectively. The distance between them is an eight- to nine-hour journey. One can imagine how great is the commercial… [read more]